Fruu.. lip balms 

Well, on Sunday I went to the Vegan Life festival at Alexander Palace and came across the lip balm Fruu.. and it’s one of the best lip balms I’ve had. I will always buy lip balms from them now. 

They are completely natural and organic made from the juiciest fruits. I bought a coconut one and a cherry one. 

The coconut one is made of mango, avocado, coconut and aloe vera. The cherry one is made of cherries, coconut and aloe vera. 

Oh my goodness they smell devine and have made my lips so kissable soft! I have no one worthy to kiss but atleast my lips are ready to go! Well not that kissable as I was silly woman last night and burnt my lip on hot soup, so a little sore, but I’ve been spreading Fruu.. over then all day and they honestly do not look burnt now, just a bit ouch.

They are a matte lip balm as well, which is hard to find, perfect before lipstick!

It is well worth a look into this small company! 

Go have a look and maybe a buy!

Fruu.. website


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