Why I am vegan 

I don’t want to sound annoying to anyone with this post, if I do don’t read it… Im just saying my own personal views and reasons to why I choose a vegan diet.

I always get asked this question “why are you vegan?” and to be honest, I don’t even realise it’s a big enough deal to always be questioned it, isn’t it pretty obvious?!? I don’t ask why do you eat meat (even though that is a question that runs across my mind whenever I am eating with someone who eats meat). 

So I’m going to explain as best I can, in the most unintelligent sounding way to why I am vegan.

1. Animals – 

I love animals, I like them living, I don’t want to eat a dead meaty carcus that used to a living feeling lovely creature of the world. 

Humans seem to think being top of the food chain instantly means they can eat everything, well yes you can, but come on we are much more intelligent now to not have to kill other living things on this planet to survive. There are so many other forms of protein, which is easy and affordable to get hold off. There is no reason for it. Yes, I know there would not be as many farm animals on the earth, but I would much rather them not here then living through that kind of life. Plus yes, I know there are some farms who give the animals love through their lives, but still they get slaughtered in the end don’t they? 

Again with dairy and other animal produce same reasons. Humans do not seem to have the empathy to treat other living creatures respect and have caused these industries to be crueler than ever. 

2. The environment – 

Slaughter houses are one of the top causes to global warming. Does that answer that question enough? Oh and also it takes up more water and food to produce animals to eat, why use all this food on feeding animals when this can be used to feed the world?!? Google the amount of water and grain it takes to feed a meat eater compared to a vegetarian. 

3. Health –

I’ve been vegetarian since 10 years old (but I did have a weird year at 18 when I started eating meat, goodness knows why but I realised and went back to no no to the meat), so one day me and my friend were like why don’t we try the vegan diet. We had read up on industries providing us with diary, eggs and other animal produce, obviously this made us think why are we still eating this if this happens! So we went vegan for a month to see how it goes, at first the sound of being vegan sounds bloody hard so I did it in baby steps with a trial month.

Well, I did my vegan month then stuffed my face with a margarita and chocolate (I was literally addicted to chocolate, it was my favourite thing on the planet and helped me a lot when I was moody or happy or sad or any emotion really) and other dairy items, well I started to feel it, my body felt sluggish and yuck. The amazing results to your body when you do not consume dairy is unreal, you gain more energy, you feel happier, you don’t feel sluggish or this is disgusting but not flemy. I mean it’s obvious dairy can’t be that good for you as it’s not made for you it’s made for a baby cow. So cutting dairy out has so many healthy feelings to me.

Plus being vegan I feel helps you be more adventurous with food trying new things! It is also damn easy to hit over your five a day with veggies and fruit! 

So yes they are some reasons, I probably have more but can’t think of them at this point in time. However, I know a lot of people see it as the hardest thing in the world but honestly it isn’t. I suggest baby steps though if you are a meat eater at present, start off as veggie and slowly cut food out.

Also if you love chocolate like I did I suggest quitting it for a month or so then trying dairy free and it then tastes the same. Plus dark chocolate tends to be dairy free and Oreos are a life saver ❤ 

Also if you love cheese there are so many great alternatives now! Violife is my favourite! Sainsbury’s even does a vegan lasagne!!! 

So to sum up, basically I love animals, the world and feeling nice!


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