Bath time loveliness 

I’m sorry but not sorry but this is a bit of boring post, it is just about how lovely my bath was.

Just used my love heart bath bomb I showed you in my only vlog from the other week. It looked like a heart soaring around my bath tub.

There is no editing on that photo so you can see the heart with it’s full fizz. It smelt pretty of all the love and sweetness. This heart kept going for half an hour. Long little bath bomb.

I also added in some of the Lush Comforter bath melt I had left over from another bath to make it pinker! I love a pink bath I do!

Whilst all this bath action was going on I used a Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal face mask. After this my face felt fresh as a daisy, and being honest with you I felt the furthest from fresh from having heavy night.

Here it is if you wanted to know what face mask I put on. My Aunty gave me loads of free samples of it, but I might genuinely buy it as it’s pretty good: 

Now I’m all cocoa buttered up in bed with Lush fairy dust powder sprinkled over my bed smelling like a beaut whilst watching my newest crush Ryan Gosling. It’s taken me a long time to see what other girls see of him. Lala Land really won me over on the Gos, he is basically the perfect man in that film, so now I’m watching The Place Beyond The Pines, because let’s make him even more perfect and cover him with tattoos.

This post is basically some hungover chitter chatter about nothing much.

Here’s some photos of Ryan covered in tats:

Wait for it…. this is the best one… he’s with a dog and looks a dream


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