Okay, so I’ve been bloody obsessed by making my bed feel lovely with a grown up feel this week. So I’ve finally nearly got it perfect! All it needs now are some expensive cushions (not primark) and it will be a Becky dream land.

Probably bad to say this as I am but Primark is the one who has helped my bed the most with velvet grey cushions, grey bedding and a fluffy teal cushion. I then got a throw I’d eyes up online from Matalan which they luckily had in store on oxford street as it was sold out online. First time I’d walked into a matalan in years! But thank you so much, as I absolutely love this throw! 

But now I feel so comfy! I need some pricey cushions now, say two of them, just to up my bed game.

I really should take the labels off them….

I just want lazy duvet days all the time! I’m doing that today….

With these 

Loving earth raw organic chocolate. The yummiest things! 


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